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A cruel death sentence that causes dementia.

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THESE two adorable little girls look like any normal pair of sisters. But in fact they are both battling a cruel death sentence that causes dementia. If no cure is found, then both two year old Jessica Rich and her sister Nicole, five, will die before they become teenagers. Both girls are currently on a drug treatment which doctors believe may halt the progression of the disease.

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1380/403654010RICH COPY copy.jpg
1380/443654410GRS RICH 5 NICOLE (L) AND JESSICA (R) RICH-Edit.jpg
1380/443654410GRS RICH 15 NICOLE (L) AND JESSICA (R) RICH.jpg
1380/453654510GRS RICH 12 NICOLE (L) AND JESSICA (R) RICH.jpg
1380/573655710GRS RICH .jpg
1380/433654310GRS .jpg
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