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Various stock video footage of Manchester city centre. Shot using Canon XL1S camcorder onTuesday 15thAugust 2006.

If you cant see what your looking for please contact us at enquiries@worldwidefeatures.com or +44 (0)797 408 5706. Manchester city centre, Manchester shops, Manchester shopping, Beetham Tower, Urbis Manchester, The Triangle, King Street, Manchester Trams, Manchester Library, Harvey Nichols

Worldwidefeatures offers a professional quality video service. Stock videos can be purchased and downloaded for a one-off broadcast use by simply entering your existing passwords and downloading the required video content. Video content can also be supplied on DVD if required. Fixed price of 300 ($600/450)

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DO NOT ENTER PASSWORD TO VIEW PICTURES OR THE COPY They can be viewed mid res and copy read without entering password. When a password is entered you will be invoiced.

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