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The miracle of a man who regained ability to walk after diving.

WHEN doctors told Mark Chenoweth he would never walk again, he resigned himself to spending the rest of his life in a wheelchair. Mark, 45, had been born with spina bifida, and by the age of 34 he was unable to walk because of nerve damage to his spine. But whilst on holiday to Menorca in October 1998, a miracle happened of biblical proportions. He had persuaded a local dive centre to teach him to dive - despite not having the use of his legs. When he surfaced after diving to 17 metres below the surface and was pulled back into the boat by the instructor, he could walk. The video can be purchased and downloaded for a one-off broadcast use by simply entering your existing passwords and downloading the required video content. Video content can also be supplied on DVD if required. Fixed price of 300 ($600/450) [download copy]

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