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THEY say the bond between twins is strong - but the bond between Gabriel and Ieuan Jones simply couldnt be broken. When doctors discovered that twin Gabriel had an enlarged heart and was going to die in the womb, his mother Rebecca Jones had to make a heartbreaking decision. After doctors told her that his death could cause his twin brother to die too before they were born, and that it would be better to end Gabriels suffering sooner rather than later, Mrs Jones decided to let doctors go ahead with an operation that would terminate Gabriels life. So firstly they operated to try and sever Gabriels umbilical cord to cut off his blood supply, but when that didnt work they they cut Mrs Jones placenta in half so that when Gabriel died, it wouldnt affect his twin brother. The video can be purchased and downloaded for a one-off broadcast use by simply entering your existing passwords and downloading the required video content. Video content can also be supplied on DVD if required. Fixed price of 300 ($600/450) [download copy]

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